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What is PCB reverse engineering?

You want to redevelop a new product. Enterprises hope to reduce costs and shorten the development cycle. Users wish to high quality and low price. They need to keep up with the fashion. To meet these requirements, we must reverse engineer PCB.

In the electronic industry, PCB reverse engineering is the most common electronic product engineering technology. It is also called PCB copy and PCB clone. We can get a 1:1 PCB file, BOM list, schematic file. Some customers also need to export Gerber files for production. After the factory receives the technical documents, they can make PCB and welding components. The technicians passed the test and debugging of the circuit board. Finally, we make samples and mass production.

Our team can also provide you with PCB modification and design services. OROD changes the position of components on PCB according to customers’ requirements. Rearrange PCB lines. Shenzhen OROD is in the leading role in PCB reverse engineering. Our PCB clone products come from many high-tech industries. At the same time, it can provide a one-stop PCB manufacturing service for customers.

How to unlock IC ?

Usually, people need chip programs to learn and research. For example, companies need to repair some machines and equipment. Engineers need to recover data or copy some chips. For instance, some bosses need to upgrade and redevelop their products. We need to get the program from the chip. The encrypted MCU can’t read the program directly by the programmer. For these reasons, we have to crack the IC.

IC decryption is got encryption program through specific devices and methods. So far, there are many ways to unlock the IC:

  1. We usually use software methods to decode IC.
  2. Use electronic detection to crack IC.
  3. Using probe technology and UV cracking methods.
  4. We can use loopholes of the chip itself to unlock MCU.

Also, OROD uses the FIB recovery encryption fuse method to decode IC. Then modify the encryption circuit to crack the MCU.

Shenzhen OROD has high-end IC unlocking devices. For many complex IC, we have our decryption scheme. The company can ensure that MCU is cracking past success. Customers can save a lot of time and money to break the IC. At the same time, we provide IC soft-encryption modification. Chip model identification. For the benefit of customers. OROD can sign agreements with customers.

About Us

Twenty years of experience in IC unlocking and PCB reverse engineering

For the decryption of high difficulty chip, multi-layer complex PCB copy. Shenzhen OROD invested a lot of time and money. So far, we have provided IC crack and PCB clone services to dozens of countries worldwide. The majority of customers have praised the company!

Shenzhen OROD provides IC decoding price evaluation and free testing. The company has many software and hardware engineers: high technology and rich experience. Suppose you fail in other companies. You can send it to us. We promise a high success rate and a reasonable fee. Company commitment: IC decryption failure does not charge!

We have focused on the research and development of serious difficulty IC unlock and multi-layer PCB reverse engineering. Willing to provide you with 24-hour sincere service. For some IC chips with low price decode and high decryption success rate. Our company can unlock IC for customers before collecting the deposit. Please note: many cheaters are offering lower prices to entice customers. They cannot unlock your chip and destroy your original product. In the end, you’ll lose more time and money.

Why Choose Us

High success rate

Rich experience enables us to provide a 99% success rate for customer’s IC unlocking

High efficiency

Select the equipment to ensure that we can complete the customer’s project in a short time for cracking IC

High difficulty

Investing a lot of people and money in high difficulty MCU unlocking cost for a long time, we can crack the IC that others can’t unlock; Welcome to inquire!

No risk

Most of the chips support unlock MCU first and then deposit, no charge if they fail

Sincere Advice

We will evaluate your project for free and give you a most loyal suggestion to save your cost and time

Speed fast

we can be competent for quick and complicated PCB reverse analysis of various multilayer boards

Low Price

Compared with our peers for PCB reverse engineering, our price will not be higher than others. The important thing is that our technology and service are right, and we don’t charge if we fail

One-stop solution for product cloning

IC unlock and MCU crack, PCB reverse engineering, PCBA and PCB processing, complete solution

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There are thousands of companies on the Internet that claim to be able to do chip decryption and PCB reverse engineering company, which is dazzling.

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